This is a big one. Fifteen years. Fifteen years ago I made my first “best of” list and I’ve been going strong ever since. If only I could manage to be half as consistent with everything else in my life…

I digress. Below you’ll find a bunch of stuff I listened to, read, watched, and loved this year. Hope you find something new that you can enjoy too!


Stats (courtesy of

Listened to 145 new releases this year. I streamed 9,314 songs on Spotify for a total listening time of 36,521 minutes (25 days and 8 hours), averaging 25 songs per day.

Fourteen years ago I made my first “Best of ____” list. As life goes, things have always changed from year to year, but 2019 brought about the biggest as we welcomed my son into our little family. Spending many nights awake with him listening to records, rocking him back to sleep while introducing him to some of my favorite albums and artists was a highlight of my year.

Being so busy with the early months of fatherhood I figured would have an affect on my overall listening habits but turns out I ended up listening to even more music (and…

I’ve been putting together a “Best Of” list of some kind or another since the end of 2005 now. Categories tend to change and evolve every year but music and movies are generally the focus. I used to only post this full list over at but since they’ve shut down in the last couple years I’m trying something new this year and posting here on Medium.

That said, here we go:


Stats (courtesy of

In years past I’ve had a very difficult time keeping track of new releases. I either don’t notice albums that have been released or I forget to listen…

You are a man I will never aim to emulate. A man who is not a man at all. A human being that degrades the meaning of the word. An expired bottle of Sun In that was left out to rot. An embarrassment as an American. A massively flawed person whom, I hope to God, my future children will never call their President. But. Despite all that, over the last (long) 18 months, you have provided me one glaring truth, time and time again. A truth which I will carry for the rest of my life. …

Trying something new here. Every week I come across great links to a plethora of inspiring or interesting things that eventually just get lost in my massive internet history. I am going to start building a collection of my favorites throughout the week and posting them here—mostly so I don’t lose them, but also to share with anyone else who cares. Sometimes there may be 30 links, others there may be one. Not trying to set any standards for it.

Links will range from music to articles to kittens with sloth faces and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy.

  1. Gimmie…

Last January, I was offered a freelance gig that would end up keeping me busy for the rest of 2014.

As with anything new in life, when I began this project I had nothing but wide eyes and great expectations. The client was great, the budget was bigger than my bank account, and the ideas were flowing fast. As a young-ish dude finally getting his foot into the industry, everything was perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong…

Maybe you can see where this is going.

This is from Star Wars

First, a little background

To make this is a little less nebulous, the project was to design and build…

When I was six years old, I had a mid-life crisis. I forget what sparked the innocent existentialism (perhaps a stressful day of kindergarden finger painting). Regardless, I vividly remember throwing myself on the kitchen floor, wearing my Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas, and lamenting to my bewildered mother that my precious years were wasting away.

“I’m already 6!” I cried, beating a fist on the linoleum. “Before you know it, I’ll be double-digits! Life was so much easier when I was three.”

This went on for a couple hours…

Preface: This is not for or against Spotify, it is merely a part of the equation.

Everyone knows what Spotify is so I won’t waste your time explaining it. If you don’t know, learn here.

Over the past ten years, I fell into the same dark habit you did: finding music for free. The high school/college salary of $75/year earned from shaving your neighbor’s cat once in a while just didn’t allow you to spend $12 on the new Hoobastank record (you know you loved them).

Dan Otis

Design with BASIC @ Google

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